When It Was Bunny’s Bath Day, His Owners Can’t Stop Laughing At His Response.


How relaxing is it to just lay your head back in a nice tub full of hot water? Combine that with the calming sensation of a massage and I bet you are wondering where you can go to experience this wonderful feeling??
For one lucky bunny, he only had to go as far as the bathroom sink. Meet Cloody, the most relaxed bunny ever, at least at bath time?

Have you ever struggled to give your pet a bath only to end up soaking wet standing in a huge puddle of water? For many pets, bath time is a time to either splash around and make a big mess or claw and scratch at its owner to get back at them for making them go through such a terrible ordeal.

Neither of the above is the case for Cloodys owners. As you can see from the video, Cloody thoroughly enjoys relaxing in his sink/spa. He barely even looks alive he is so calm. What a nice way to wind down after such a rough day.
I’m sure the life of a bunny can be pretty rough. All that eating, digging, grooming, and playing is extremely tiresome. Sleep is not enough to recuperate fully. All rabbit owners should take note of this and make sure to incorporate a soothing bath massage into their pets routine to help them de-stress.

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