When I Heard The Song He Wrote For His Wife Of 75 Years That Just Died, I Cried.


One of the hardest parts about growing old with the person you love the most is the prospect of losing them one day. When one half of the perfect couple passes away, the other is left with nothing, except for the memories that were shared. The man in this video is named Fred. Fred is 96 years old and just laid his beloved wife of 75 years to rest.

This is a pain that most of us could never even imagine. Fred decided to channel his into music. Even though Fred has no musical training or background of any kind, he did not let this stop him. One day, while listening to the radio, Fred caught wind of a local contest for singers and songwriters and decided that this was the best possible chance for him to pen a love song for the ages, one that would display his love for his departed Lorraine.

It would take an emotionless person to watch this video without dropping a few tears. Even writing about Fred’s beautiful song is enough to make a person’s eyes start to water. In a world full of cynicism, where people have stopped believing in true love, a clip like this makes you take a step back and realize that there are still lifelong connections to be had in this world.

Fair warning to those who decide to watch this video: make sure that you have some tissues close by,

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