When I First Saw This Strange Animal Sitting in the Grass I Wasn’t Sure If It Was Real Or Not


There are some animals that are just too cute, too adorable and too perfect to be real. Or are they? Wally is such an animal. Wally is an English angora bunny known for their cute bunny features combined with beautiful long wool. Wally was born in Massachusetts. And he lives with his human, Molly. Molly loves bunnies. She has always loved bunnies. She used to share her bunny love on her Facebook account, but she did not feel especially well received. Molly discovered Instagram. She found out there were a lot of animal lovers on Instagram that dedicated entire pages to their pets. Molly signed up for an account and felt very much “at home”. She freely shared her stories and pictures about Wally and soon her followers began to grow. Still Molly did not think much of it. But the page followers kept growing and growing.
People loved to see the latest pictures of Wally. They loved the way Molly groomed him. They loved his fluffy pig-tails and the pictures of Wally lounging in the grass. People asked all kinds of questions.
Soon Molly was being contacted by publishing companies wanting to feature her and her “Internet Sensation!” It was not until that moment that Molly understood that her English angora bunny was famous.
Wally has more pictures than a model, and it is rare for one of his pictures to get less than 3000 likes. The most commented feature of Wally? People love Wally’s ears!
The Angora rabbit at one time was considered a favorite pet for royalty in France. They did not arrive in the United States until the 20th century. They are gentle and peaceful animals and should be handled as such. Many people breed them for their silky wool. Their wool is softer than cashmere. It is important to keep them groomed and to provide them with a large supply of fresh hay. When an English angora rabbit grooms itself, it will swallow some of its wool. Hay keeps the wool from causing a blockage in the intestines of the rabbit, which is painful and could kill the bunny.
The English Angora rabbit is the smallest of the four breeds recognized by American Rabbit Breeders Associations or (ARBA). They usually weight between 4 and eight pounds. Though they can be bred to break up the colors, it would disqualify the rabbit from being “Shown”. Show quality bunnies are white. Their cottony wool covers their eyes which is unique to this breed. The Angora Bunny should have one color toe-nails and his long ears should fold down at the tip. His fur requires a lot of work. Generally an English Angora Bunny should be groomed twice per week. He can be shorn a few times per year.

Breeders have been known to give an English Angora Bunny a pinecone to play with in its cage. The rabbit will nibble on the pinecone and play with it like a toy. It also is a great wool catcher. Loose wool sticks to the pinecone and when it is full simple replace it. These are well loved and wonderful pets.

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