When He Saw The Two Of Them Together He Was Amazed To Discover The Reason Why


Some time ago in NBC News was a really uncommon story of a goose and a deer. The special thing about these two animals is that they don’t usually get along. Better said they don’t get along at all. But that is not the case for today. The thing is that this goose lost her male mate, and in order for her to protect her nest, she needs someone to watch over for her and her nest. And that’s when the deer comes into the scene. This is what the news broadcaster had to say about this unusual story:

“It is the season when geese are now beginning to nest, and when geese mate, they mate for life. But when they loose that mate it presents a problem because the male is the one that defends the nest. As for the female her job is to stay there. The video that we have this morning was taken right in our own backyard and here is a goose that is found in urn to nest, and she is without her male mate. So a deer has taken now the role of protecting the nest, which is a very unusual situation. They are located in a cemetery, and I can’t say which one because I don’t want them to get disturbed.”

The video below will explain the whole story. The man who discovered the whole thing was really shocked from what he actually saw. He told for the news that something like this has never happened before. He also adds that it is really rare that the goose is not attacking the deer because during this season geese’s become very violent towards everyone, and overprotective towards their nest. For more information watch the video below. I hope you enjoy the amazing story as much as I did.

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