When He Saw His Horse Like This, His Heart Sank. But What Happens Is Unbelievable.


This is such a great story watching this horse rescued after falling into a car maintenance tunnel. The beautiful white horse looks to have wandered into this particular building on the farm. The horse then fell into the tunnel when the wood floor covering broke leaving him stuck in this rather deep hole.

Watch this dramatic video to see how this story turns out. You won’t believe how they get the horse out. The owner of the farm finds his horse stranded in this hole. He tries to get it out the first day but is just left in more stress as the heavy animal proves too much to move. He tries to put hay under her but it isn’t enough to quite pull her out.,

This is such a tragic situation you can’t believe what the man ends up doing. The horse just can’t get out of this hole. It just seems so sad as you watch this situation unfold. The farmer ends up comforting the horse hoping to coach it out of the tunnel. This is all he can do the first day is to feed her and comfort her with hay.

Watch this drama play out as this farmer is left helpless getting his beloved horse out of the ground. The first day passes and he still has no clue to getting it out. The horse seems to be traumatized and seems to have just given up. The farmer runs out of time the first day and will have to wait till tomorrow to get the horse out of this perilous situation.

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