When He Poured Aluminum Down An Anthill, I Thought He Was Crazy. But What He Pulled Out Is SO Cool!


As the video begins, we are introduced to the concept in the midst of the pour. The molten aluminum is poured into the anthill, at the top of the mound. Of course, the ants who are hanging out at the surface are immediately startled by this intrusion into their living arrangement. Their reaction is notable, as well as the steam that begins to rise from the surface area, which drives home the point of just how hot the aluminum is. Once the molten metal has been poured into the mound, it fills all the way to the top. The dirt reacts to the heat, raising up for a moment, before eventually collapsing. This reaction causes plumes of smoke to rise and be released from the surface area of the anthill.

The artists then allow the aluminum to cool off a bit inside of the mound. By introducing molten metal into the ants’ living space, they are all given ample chance to evacuate from their home. This significantly reduces the chances of the artists being bitten by angry ant colonies during the process of creating their unique masterpiece.

The viewer is able to catch a glimpse of a human hand, as they use a miniature shovel to remove dirt from the metal. This slowly releases the artists’ structure that has been crafted inside of the mound. From there, a larger shovel is implemented, so that the sculpture can be dug around, as it remains in the ground.

None of this seems all that noteworthy until the moment when the artist begins the big reveal. The mound is slowly removed and taken to a new location, where the breadth of the artistic achievement starts to become much more evident to the viewer at home. Taking a water hose to spray off the remainder of the dirt, the sculpture is revealed, standing an impressive 18 inches tall.

Creating beautiful art out of what used to be a backyard nuisance makes for an amazing watch. Even though ants are typically problematic creatures, you now have a great way to remove their presence from your property. If you enjoyed watching this clip as much as I did, then be sure to share this clip with your Facebook friends, as well as your Twitter followers.

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