When He Kicks This Puppy For No Good Reason, Instant Karma’s There To Get Him Back 10x Better


Watch this video as this man comes running into this Internet cafe to kick this poor dog and you may start laughing out loud as he slips and falls down on the floor. Whenever somebody does things like this you can bet karma will happen and even the score. This man received his punishment for this idiot behavior in this video and he really got what was coming to him. This man is a dog abuser and it is all caught on video.

Check out this man as he tries to kick this poor dog and slips onto a hard tile floor. He can hardly get up off the floor after slipping and falling. He holds his lower back and seems to be in great pain as he tries to just stand up. Instant karma is what happens in this video as this crazy stupid man gives this dog a big kick. He ends up hurting himself so bad and you have to see it in this video. See how this man gets what’s coming to him in this video. You will think “Thank You Karma”.

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