When He Dumps Pounds Of Onions In A Pan, I Was Confused. But What He Makes Is A Classic…


If you are anything like myself, then one of your favorite meals is a good old fashioned, hearty bowl of soup. Take a poll of all my family members and closest friends, I definitely know my way around around a delicious chili or even a split pea soup. However, one of the few soups I had never tried to create on my own (before this video, of course) is the classic favorite French onion soup. Any time I am able to head out to a restaurant for dinner, French onion soup is one of my preferred items on the menu. Even though I enjoy this particular soup immensely when it is prepared by a top notch chef, I had always labored under the belief that it would be much too difficult to make on my own, in my home kitchen. All it took was one look at this video to convince me that I needed to finally take a shot and make my own version of this beloved dish. It was much, much easier than I ever could have imagined. The ingredients needed may seem complex to cooking neophytes, but rest assured, even the most inexperienced chef can check out this clip for the help that they need.

You will need to round up the following ingredients before creating your own French onion soup in the privacy of your own home: Grey Poupon mustard, dry white wine, Parmesan cheese, Swiss cheese, broth, butter, French baguette, garlic and of course, we can’t forget the piece de resistance: onions!

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