When He Dumps Pounds Of Onions In A Pan, I Was Confused. But What He Makes Is A Classic…


The key to success with this dish is patience and following the instructions. The chef shows you how to toast the bread and to toast the cheese on top of the soup so that you get a perfect soup. It may take you an hour to make the soup but it is guaranteed to get rave reviews from your family and friends.

You get to know all of the special touches that you need to make in order to make restaurant quality French onion soup at home. The steps are simply explained and even how to cut an onion the French way is explained in elaborate detail. Jack recommends using a dry Chardonnay to make the dish absolutely French. Naturally, the video gives you all of the amounts of each ingredient you need to make a great tasting authentic French onion soup.

This video is definitely one that you will want to share with all your friends and all the people you know that love to cook and eat but may not have the courage to attempt French onion soup. The instructions make a really complex dish easy to make even for inexperienced cooks.

Jack makes the dish seem simple. That is another great reason to share the video with all of your French food loving friends. You really can get authentic looking and tasting French onion soup at home by following the simple steps that lead to a flavor combination that is truly complex like the recipe.

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