When He Approached This Stray, My Heart Burst Into Pieces. But The Next Part… OMG.


The good people at Hope for Paws decided to head to Costa Rica, to take on a very important rescue mission. This particular video may have a happy ending, but that does not mean that the work has been completed. The dogs shown in this video are in desperate need of a home to call their own forever and by taking the time to share this clip with your friends and family, you can provide these lovable dogs with the help and the homes that they need. As you can see at the beginning of this video, this stray dog is clearly scared of humans and has taken to hiding under a vehicle to stay out of sight. This dog needs a great deal of help, but is far too afraid to ask for it. After being called several times, the dog finally comes out and greets the Hope for Paws employee.
She then received a much needed medicated bath and was swaddled in a comfortable towel. The joy she felt at finally receiving the love and care she desired was evident to the crew and her smile was certainly infectious. Even though this dog found its happy ending, there are still many more who are in search of a forever home, living life on the streets, not knowing where their next bath or meal is coming from. These dogs also need the same sort of tender, loving care that Tulip was able to receive. This video needs to be shared with as many dog lovers as possible, so that these beautiful creatures are not forced to suffer in the same manner that Tulip did.

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