When Daddy Said It’s Time To Pray – Keep Your Eyes On Their Little Baby Girl


The family in this video has much to praise God for. They have a home, food and a lovely baby girl. They count their blessings. This is expressed with the blessing prayer over their meal every time they eat. Their faith tells them this is a requirement. But there is more to it than that.

They know prayer will be the tool that gets their child through this cold world. Prayer changes things. Prayer makes the impossible, possible. When she is faced with fear, she will remember to pray. When she is in danger, she will remember to pray. She may stray, as many children do. But the Bible tells us if we raise our child in God’s perfect plan, though they may stray, they will return.

No doubt this child will face issues in life that her parents never thought of. She will have the strong support of her parents. Perhaps she will have brothers and sisters to lean on. But when there seems to be no path to take; when there seems to be no way out, she will look up. She will know that God loves her and he will always have a door to open for her.

One day this little girl will be a woman. She will reach her hands around the table and hold the hands of her own husband and child. And the seed will be planted in the next generation.

Enjoy the video you are about to watch. Watch it with your heart and you will see its meaning is much deeper than a baby who learned to pray.

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