When Dad Saw Them Doing THIS He Had To Grab The Camera!


Who knows where these two dance masters will be by the time they are old enough to say, “Break a leg” but I am sure we will all be hearing from them again. They may have to add a “Riverdance” event in the world Olympics, assuming they can find other child prodigies to compete. We have read of twins that were so bonded at birth, that one would feel pain if the other were hurt. We have read of twins that have grown and separated and still somehow knew when something was wrong with the other. It is as if their hearts and souls are still connected. We have seen twins that were so close that they could finish each other’s sentences and even talk in unison. But never before have we seen twins so connected that when one steps left the other instinctively knows to step right. Never have we witnessed communication so pure that it requires no words at all. Perhaps music is the evolution of the soul. Perhaps music will be the tool in which we reach children at a very young age and unlock their minds. We do not know.

The parents of these girls are going to have to work out and be ready to run to keep up with their child stars. If the parents have half the talent the children do, perhaps they will be able to mold them through their music. We may see these girls on the stage someday, doing ballet. We may see them on world tour with famous stars. One thing we are sure of, we will see them.

Enjoy the video. It is sure to make you smile. Please share it and spread the laughter. The baby girls will appreciate it. They may even dance for you out of shear joy!

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