When Dad put the dog in the swing, the dog’s “smile” got the whole family laughing!


Have you ever taken your dog to the swing? Do you have any idea if your four-legged companion enjoys to sit, and wait for you to push them? Personally I have never taken my dogs to the swing because in my home country dog parks are inexistent, and children parks are very limited. Better said there are no swings available for dogs where I live. This is not an excuse, but I would like to take my little American Eskimo to the Swing for once, and se if she likes it!

The dog you are going to see in this video is a big time Swing lover. Her owners take her to the Swing very often because she has the time of her life every time she plays there. Her owners shared her video while at the Swing, and said that Sarah here loves to go to the Swing for a push every once in a while. “She has done this for four years and goes wild with happiness when we tell her she gets to go swinging.”

After watching the video you will see the reason why this dog goes wild when she has to go swinging. Her face expression says it all, and the big smile she puts on is everything. I just love it when I see dogs happy. I absolutely think that they deserve to live a long, happy, beautiful dog life just because they are the best animals in the world. IF they are able to turn our life upside down, and make everything they can to make us happy, then we have to do just the same for them as well. So if you have a dog that loves to be outside, and play games, than you should consider taking your pet to the Swing at least once. And if they like it, then you will have a very good option to entertain your pet whenever they need to have some fun!

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