When Dad Catches His Boys Covered In Paint, They Have One Thing To Say For Themselves. I’m Cracking Up!


Every parent understands that when you’re children present silence it signifies trouble. It is an imaginable scenario when we witness these two young boys working their way into the families paint drawer. The silence filled the entire house long enough for their father to get suspicious. Most often it doesn’t insinuate danger, but engages a suspicion that causes a parent to know their children are getting into something they shouldn’t be.

The boys rustled through the drawer for the supplies they needed to make a masterpiece…a masterpiece of a mess. The toddlers evaded the idea of using paper, furniture, floors, and even walls to use as a canvas, they decided each other’s human body would be much more exciting! “Oh I’m sure mommy will love that you’ve painted me her favorite color” and “I’m sure daddy will be excited that I know how to mix blue and red to get his favorite color” we’re exactly the boys proud thoughts after they finished what they had done.

The only other thing running through either boys mind is how alien they would look with the colors of the rainbow dancing and dropping everywhere including the floor! After their dad discovered the mess the two boys left for him, he then chose to escort them to the bathroom for a much needed clean-up. Where he decided to interrogate the boys before turning on the shower. It’s not uncommon for young boys to get into mischief, but it makes it a little harder to punish them for doing such a thing that makes a parent do nothing but try to hide the chuckling, never mind the reasonably adorable explanation the boys use to get out of this colorful mess.

These two were just looking for a fun time they’ve never had the opportunity of until they took the liberty upon their precious little hearts to try something a little different! Human painting! Fortunately for the viewers, this father got it all on video! They’re covered from head-to-toe in paint and look ridiculous, but just like us, even Dad can’t contain is uncontrollable laughter! During the fathers interrogation the young boys begin to blame each other for the mess they created together as if only one of them is coated in paint and one of them is to blame for the attack; forgetting the fact they’re both covered in the paint! Children all the time at such young ages happily make the decisions to commit such defying acts, but neglect to think about the consequences so end up blaming their partner in crime as a last minute tactic. This is too funny and irresistible to watch! Would you have reacted the same if you walked in on your children like this?

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