When Baby Was Crying, Even Mom Was Shocked How The Dog Solved The Problem.


I think I have told you before that children and dogs make the perfect combination. The two of them create a special bond with each-other, and it is impossible to intervene into their relationship. Well for those of you who already don’t know, that special bond happens since day 1 the two of them get introduced. It may happen when the dog gets adopted and the child is a couple of years old, or when the child gets born and the dog is already there. When the latter happens, it is very common that dogs always tend to take care of their little brothers, or little sisters.

Dogs are very loving, and when they find out that they have a sibling, their life changes completely. Their little sister or brother becomes their center of attention, and they would rather stay home all day just to be with their little ones. Take a look at this loving dog in the following video. His mommy shared this video with the world, just to show that her dog is really caring and loving towards the little sister. She said that every time the baby cries, the dog goes to her crib and gives it a swing. Apparently the dog has studied what mommy does when baby Olivia cries.

It is such a sweet thing from the dog, to take care of the little sister. Charlie looks a really protective and caring brother, that will make everything to see little Olivia happy and healthy. If there is one thing Charlie wants the most now, is to get to play with the little sister as soon as possible. In the end Olivia will be Charlie’s best friends and vice-versa. This is why I love the idea of getting a puppy prior to having a baby because they would take good care of one another.

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