When A Race Team Found This Stray Dog, Their Lives Changed Forever


We’re all looking for happiness, for friends and for love. This doesn’t seem to come at a huge cost for us, who live in a society organized so that we can get to know more and more people throughout the years. It might be hard for some, but not as hard as it was for Arthur.

Arthur was a stray dog, lost in Ecuador. Finding food was rough but, worst of all, he had no friends, no love. One day, however, Arthur the stray dog met Mikael. Their paths crossed when Arthur was just strolling around, and when Mikael was with his Swedish team competing in one of the most intense racing competitions in the world.

This race includes going through 40 kilometers of thick jungle in knee-high mud, 59 kilometers of kayaking, among other horrible challenges. Even professionally trained athletes such as Mikael struggle with it. When these two met, Mikael gave Arthur a meatball, one that would change both their lives.

Mikael was just doing something good. Arthur found love, someone actually cared about him. Would you turn your back on love? Even if at first sight? Arthur didn’t. He didn’t turn his back, no matter what. He decided to join the team in the Adventure Racing World Championship – one of the worst race competitions in the world.

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