When A Raccoon Shows Up At The Door And Does THIS, They Lose It! LOL


The woman who took this video mentions some pertinent raccoon facts. Some people think it is aberrant behavior for a raccoon to be out during the day. However, mother raccoons are often out in the day time searching for food. They prefer to stay in the den at night to protect their young from predators. So, there is no reason to assume the raccoon has rabies or other problems just because you see it out during the day.

Roxie, the raccoon, has become a member of the family. She spends long periods of time on the deck right outside the patio door knocking and knocking to remind the humans to fill her dish so she can eat her fill. Oops, I mean she reminds the human’s to fill the cat’s dish.

The woman and her small dog sure seem to enjoy watching cute little Roxie knock on the window with her small stone. Nowhere in the video does it show or mention what the cat thinks about all of this. I hope the cat gets a share of the food some of the time.

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