When A Hiker Found A Dying Pit Bull On The Mountain, He Was Not Prepared To See What Happened


This Pit Bull lifted its head and took a long time at the water bottle that Andi was carrying, so she knew that she had to spring into action, or else the dog would likely die alone on the side of a mountain. She selflessly allowed the dog to drink from her water supply, then did one of the most courageous things I have ever seen: she lifted the dog and began to carry him. The 50 pound dog nestled in her arms, she began to carry him down the mountain she had hiked up, without having any sort of help and relying on her physical and inner strength. Andi and the dog made it to the mountain’s base, where her little girl and husband ended up taking over, rushing the dog to the local Humane Society.

However, once the staff began to look the dog over, they realized that its legs were not broken at all. The dog was actually suffering from a severe gunshot wound! The wounds had become lodged inside of his neck and there is no telling how much longer he would have had to live if Andi had not saved him.

Once the dog was able to mend his wounds, he went home with Andi and her family, where he was given a forever home and named Elijah. He is now a happy and healthy pup, thanks to the second chance this loving family has provided for him. Andi’s courage and strength should serve as inspiration to us all and opening your heart to a animal in need is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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