When A Fox Snuck Up On My Dog, I Prepared For The Worst. But What Really Happens? ADORABLE!


Foxes themselves are generally not harmful to humans or even to dogs. If you leave small animals such as chickens or rabbits, foxes will often prey on these instead. They are overall not very aggressive animals when encountered. Foxes have a tendency for fleas, worms and a range of other diseases, and this may present more of a concern than their overall behavior. In the event that your dog comes into contact with one of these animals, be sure to take it the vet for a checkup just in case.

Many foxes live in urban areas where there is an array of food, rubbish and insects. Population control among these animals is not generally confronted, due to their non-aggressive nature. In the event that you come into a fox’s territory, they will be likely to chase off those who interfere with their offspring. This is said to be the only real aggression that they will display if the situation calls for it.

With these things being said, who knows. Your dog could end up finding a best fox friend for himself. SHARE THIS!

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