When A Dolphin Swam Up To The Man And Did THIS, They Couldn’t Believe It!


Have you ever read that dolphins are considered to be the smartest animals in the planet? They also say that dolphins are really similar to humans considering a few different characteristics. One of them is the teasing spirit. If us enjoy to tease someone we like, then the same happens to dolphins apparently. To me looks like this baby dolphin liked the man in front of himself from the minute he haw him. Therefore this dolphin thought that teasing the man would be a cool approach.

So this baby dolphin did the most amazing thing when he swam up to this man. He approached and started splashing water in front of his face. Since the man in front of the dolphin, was a funny guy, he decided to fight back. Of course the splashes of the baby dolphin could not be compared to those of the man. Although what made this “fight” far more adorable, were the sweet sounds this baby dolphin was doing while playing with the human.
The baby dolphin sounded like he was having so much fun, and if he would speak he would look up to the man and say: “I really don’t know you at all, but I like you already. There is something special about you, that makes me wanna be playful.” To give this enjoyable “fight” an end, the man salutes the baby dolphin by giving it a big kiss. It means thank you, and goodbye for dolphins. Even thought they kissed and said goodbye, this baby dolphin decided to say Goodbye to his short-term friend in his spacial way. It is just amazing to see how much two creatures can bond in just a few seconds. I mean can you imagine if those two stayed a little longer together? Just too cute OMG i am speechless!

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