What You’re About To See Will Change The Way You Look At Cats – Guaranteed!


The cat is all about giving its owner kisses and we can only imagine how awesome it must be to have a cat who is able to express its affection in no uncertain terms. Even better still, this cat is not content to stop at one kiss or one hug. Ville’s display of affection for his owner knows no boundaries.

The next time a cat lover is forced to endure the taunts of those who do not understand their complex nature, this is a great video to show to the naysayers. While many believe that cats are not loyal animals and that they only seek affection at inopportune moments, Ville exists as a living reminder of how stereotypes are made to be broken.

The owner even pulls away at certain moments in time and Ville does not care for this one bit. He wants to be close to his owner and continue to display his affection. Every time the owner attempts to go the other way, Ville pulls him back in. This certainly contradicts every known stereotype about cats and their ability to be truly affectionate.

Ville just might be the most loving cat we have ever seen. All of the people who believe that cats are people too have now received the proof that they need. The skeptics among us have no choice but to watch this clip and be amazed.

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