What This Tiny Yorkie Does For His Human Is Indescribably ADORABLE. Trust Me.


There are many reasons why we love our animals so much. We value their loyalty and their ability to make us feel good, even when we are having hard times. We love that they are always there for us. The whole point to having pets is being able to pet them. But what happens when one of our pets decides to turn the tables and let us know what it is like to experience affection?

This video showcases an incredible turn of events. As you can see, our pets are much smarter than we often give them credit for. The Yorkie in this clip decides to let its owner know just how much they care and you just might shed a tear or two when you see what this compassionate, loving pup does.

When the video begins, we see a sleeping owner. Just another ho hum clip where an animal sleeps next to their owner, right? While this might be the perception, the reality is much different. This Yorkie wants its owner to know just how much they care and they will demonstrate their love by any means necessary. SHARE THIS!
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