What This Pit Bull Does To A Baby Would Give Some People A Heart Attack. But OH MY!


Have you ever read somewhere that babies who have a dog, or puppy grow healthier physically and mentally? The reason this happens is because babies with puppies have a really special interaction between each-other. They play together, sleep together, eat together, and have one another right there whenever they need something. Well I have to tell you that in order to have a perfect and healthy companionship between your two “children” one should really take care for both of them. You should know that your baby and the dog should stay inside most of the time, but they can go outside in the yard to play a funny ball game, always under your supervision. Although dogs are really friendly and loving towards babies, you should always be present when your baby plays with his or her puppy.

Take a look at this video for example. How cute do you rind the fact that this baby and this Pit-Bull have starter getting along, and their friendship looks long, and really happy. It is such a good thing to see that the dog is familiar now with the new family member, and the fact that she is giving the baby kisses all over, means that she really likes the baby. I just can’t get enough of the baby giggles. Looks like the little baby is really enjoying the kisses of the dog! It is just amazing to see right? If you like this video, give your friends and family the opportunity to watch it too by sharing!

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