What this Monkey asks this mans to do for him, is beyond any expectation. Such a smart animal


Primates are the closest relatives to us, therefore they are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals in the planet. Primates are very similar to us in many different aspects. Their body shape is really similar to us, they use their limbs almost like we use ours, and they know how to communicate with us through Signs Language. IF you have seen National Geographic, or different documentaries about animals, you should have heard that monkeys are the one animals who have many similarities with humans in general.

I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. We are so different from one another, but still they are the ones that look like us the most, from all animals. Take a look at this video for example. This monkey at the Zoo has a special request for his visitor. First the man thinks that they are just pocking each-other through the window. But then the monkey continues asking him about something. The man could not understand what the monkey was trying to say. But thanks to this monkey’s skills to talk the Sign Language, he understands what this monkey is asking for. This money is asking this visitor to open the window. Looks like the poor pet is sick and tired of that place.

This video made me laugh, but it made me feel terrible at the same time. IT is really sad to think that some animals get to live their life inside a “cell.” Their job is to please the others. We tend to be really selfish sometimes because we never think out of the box. How do these animals feel? Well this monkey tells us how they feel. They want to break free because they feel like prisoners. At least we have to be happy with the idea that these animals have their owns space, food, and a safe house.

Source: Ilovepaws

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