What This Mom Had To Say To Her Baby’s Kidnapper Was Amazing


A lot of families try to have children for years on end, and most of them actually do manage to have kids. It is one of the most amazing moments in everyone’s life and it should surely bring joy to every new parent that comes into the world. Having children is amazing and if you aren’t a parent yourself, you probably want to be one in the future, for sure. But can you imagine if, after one or two years of trying to have a child, someone kidnapped it right after birth? This is what happened to this mother as her daughter, her baby girl, was kidnapped right after birth. Even though she did everything she could to get her back, she didn’t really manage to do so. At this point we can all imagine what she is feeling, she was probably desperate and begging God for an answer and for the safety of her child, while probably thinking something horrible about the kidnappers that took her daughter. Of course, without any type of information, she didn’t even know if the girl was healthy, or even alive.

After dealing with the pain, this mother had other children that grew up properly with their family. Over time they went to school, naturally and she kept on celebrating the birthday of her kidnapped daughter when, 17 years later, one of her daughters approached her with some incredible news. She saw a girl at school that was quite like her and as such, she decided to get to know her a little bit more.

What do you know: her kidnapped baby girl was living just a few blocks away from her and ended up going to the same school as her sisters. As such, her mom discovered her and realized she was alright, realized she was alive no horrible harm had been done to her.

The biological mom then was interviewed by television, naturally. But what she had to say would blow everyone’s mind, as she wasn’t incredibly angry at the woman that kidnapped her daughter, she wasn’t even resentful at all. All she had to say to that woman was “thank you.” Why, you might ask? Well, she wanted to thank that woman because she actually did a good job in taking care of the girl and raising her properly while giving her a decent education.

This is a story that truly shows how a biological mom has unconditional love for her daughter: so much so, she didn’t care that the girl didn’t grow up with her, but she really cared about the fact that she was a healthy young woman and that she had a bright future in front of her, instead of not having one.

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