What This Flight Attendant Did Before Takeoff Is Hysterical. The Entire Plane Was In Stitches!


This is something you don’t see every day when this flight attendant demonstrates the routine safety equipment. Watch this funny video showing a male flight attendant demonstrating the safety equipment. The passengers are cracking up watching this guy as he shows the equipment. The flight attendant Michael McAdams on this flight with WestJet will have you in stitches. Watch this video to see the crazy funny antics of his safety demonstration. You know how it is when you get on the plane and nobody usually listens to this demonstration. This time they did as you can hear the female attendant reading the instructions as Michael goes through his funny routine.

This is so silly and funny it will make your day especially if you are used to flying. Nobody even looks up most of the time during these demonstrations they are listening to their iPhones. Watch this cool flight attendant pulling off what looks to be like a Broadway show. Michael starts by demonstrating the oxygen mask as the woman in the background audio reads off the instructions. See how he puts the mask on and it looks like a pig snout!

Watch as this attendant mimics every phrase the woman is reading aloud. This looks like so much fun as you can hear the passengers laughing hysterically in the background. This male flight attendant has some real talent for entertaining as he demonstrates here in this video. Watch as he poses with the oxygen mask on and gestures as the female voice in the background reads the instructions. Michael has great comic timing in this video and it is so enjoyable

This is just something you don’t see these days on airplanes a man joking and laughing having a good ole time. Watch this video to see this male flight attendant amusing the passengers on this flight on WestJet. Most people don’t bother to look past their iPhones when they read out this long list of boring safety instructions. The passengers on this flight got a free Broadway show when Michael started to demonstrate the safety equipment. Watch this lively flight attendant as he breaks the ice with these passengers.

Check out the end where they give him a round of applause. This is such a great take on all that boring equipment demonstrations. Watch this video as this male flight attendant shows you how to use all the stuff you will need if you crash. Michael McAdams is entertaining on this flight and while you watch this video. He is so funny and enlightening about all that boring safety equipment.

Watch this short and hilarious video and enjoy this standup comedy routine by this flight attendant. This guy has real talent and find out if you can see him on your next airline flight. Pass this hilarious video on to family and friends.

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