What This Duck Is Waiting For Is Something You Don’t See Everyday!


Ducks and vacuums are not two items that are often intertwined with one another, but this duck cannot wait to be vacuumed. Who knew that a vacuum would be a great way to ensure a duck’s cleanliness? After seeing this clip and learning more about how easy it is to keep a duck clean, more and more may opt to keep them in their homes. After all, it famously worked for Friends’ Joey Tribbiani.

You will be hard pressed not to lose it completely when the duck actually decides to lift his legs, so that the vacuum can get into all of its hard to reach places. This duck is definitely a vacuuming veteran. While some may argue that animals cannot display appreciation, the evidence that this video presents would certainly argue otherwise.

At a certain point in time, the duck decides that they are done with the impromptu cleaning session and gets up. However, the duck does not walk away and remains in the picture, allowing the owner to stroke its newly clean body and give it a few reassuring pats.

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