What This Dog Does Every Night When Dad Gets Home Is Awesome. Oh My…


This short little video shows in indisputable terms why people own dogs and love them. The video probably explains the essence of the relationship between dogs and man that has lasted over 32,000 years. The heart of man’s relationship to dogs is love.

Many people might dispute the idea that dog’s feel love like humans. Most dog owners would agree that dogs not only feel love but they show it in all kinds of ways that just cannot be denied. This video absolutely shows that one dog loves the man that owns him.

The video has a bit of sadness involved in it. The man has taken the time to make a video that proves that his dog loves him and share that video with the world. Who knows what loneliness or personal tragedy may have inspired the man to make the video.

Yes, this video absolutely proves that dog’s love. If no one else loves you or cares to tell you that they do you can bet that your dog will. The dog has no expectations of some form of return in giving love. That is probably the best thing about a dog’s love

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