What They Found Crying In The Woods Shocked Them. But Just Keep Watching, Trust Me!


A man and woman are out strolling in the woods near a park in Houston, Texas when they happen upon four starving, abandoned kittens. The cats are obviously weaned but have been left to fend for themselves and probably die by a person that did not even have the time to take the kittens to an animal shelter. The man and woman immediately fall in love with the little balls of fur and decide to take them home with them. The kittens are really cute. Most of the kittens have blue eyes. Three of the cats are gray and black striped. One of the kittens is white with a really cute set of black stripes on its face.

The couple get the kittens back home and the first order of business if water. The shot of the four kittens drinking out of four separate water dishes in a row is simply adorable. The next order of business is food. The man notes that the cats are emaciated because he can feel their bones as he holds all four kittens on the way from the woods back to the couple’s car.The kittens do not seem to know what to do with dry cat food. The woman opens a can of cat food and the kittens go crazy. Two of the little cats almost have a fight over a morsel of food on the lady’s finger.

The kittens perk up immediately after being fed and cavort about in the hall of their new home just like they belonged there. Next it is time for a bath. Kitten bathing is sometimes a task because cats just do not love water. The kittens seem to take to the bath with no problems. Now the kittens are clean, fed, watered and loved in a new home. We are left to wonder at the eventual fate of the four abandoned kittens but the video evidence appears to show that the couple has become the proud parents of four adorable kittens. This video shows what normal feeling human beings would do and should do if they find abandoned animals. While cats can exist as feral animals, their lives are precarious and usually end badly.

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