What They Catch Their Bulldog Doing Is Completely Ridiculous, LOL!


Children have a way of getting into the most mischief when they think that no one is looking and fur children are certainly no different. If you have ever wondered what your pet gets into when you are not there to keep an eye on them, this video just might provide a bit of interesting insight on the matter.

This bulldog is named Columbus, which is certainly an apt moniker for this precious pooch. Why, you ask? Because he is all about discovering and according to this footage, he certainly enjoys discovering uncharted territories. While his parents might argue that this territory is uncharted for a very good reason, Columbus does not let these objections get in the way of his exploring.

His latest discovery will amaze and astound you. Even though he is not supposed to be on the family hammock, Columbus figured out something that his masters were unable to comprehend. In order to fully appreciate his latest discovery, you will need to watch this video until its thrilling conclusion.

The hammock outside undergoes quite a transformation when the weather is inclement. Most people would never think to use a hammock in this way and this video is just the latest example of the ingenuity that animals can have.

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