What They Are Wheeling Into The Hospital? This Changes Everything!


This program is believed to be the first Canadian program of its kind and it was created by a woman named Donna Jenkins, whose heartstrings were tugged by her nephew’s desire to see his dog as he bravely fought cancer from a hospital bed.

It is also believed that many patients were already trying to sneak in their pets, so this program is designed to curb those tendencies and allow for animals to be brought in openly.

Not to worry, though. The hospital is taking the proper precautions. The animals are cleaned thoroughly before they are allowed to come inside and they are transported directly to their owners. This keeps them from coming into unnecessary contact with other patients and eliminates feat of contamination.

This heartwarming tale needs to be shared with the pet lovers in your life immediately. If you would like to see the rest of this amazing story, be sure to watch the clip. This is a plan we’d like to see at all hospitals, so be sure to spread the love far and wide and raise awareness.

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