What These Dachshunds Do Every Night Before Bed Is Too Much To Handle


When the clip begins, we see the cute little pups yawning and settling in for a nice, long rest. These two puppies are clearly very fond of each other and enjoy spending their days (and nights) together. The dog on the left finishes its exaggerated yawn and then starts to say goodnight in the only way that they know how, by delivering lots and lots of sloppy kisses.

From there, the two dogs begin to give each other kisses and when you see the love that they share with each other, your heart just might melt. You might also want to have a box of tissues at the ready, so that you can be prepared for the emotions that these two will arouse inside of you. Their connection is enviable and some of you could start wishing that you had a puppy in your life to kiss you goodnight.
To fully appreciate the bond that is developing between these two cute little puppies, you’ll want to watch this clip in its entirety. The way that this dynamic duo says goodnight to each other could be too much to handle on an initial viewing, though, so don’t be shy about coming back for seconds. The two cuties are falling for each other and they are likely to have a lifelong connection.

After all, dogs are some of the most loyal creatures known to man. They never forget the people (or fellow pups) that they love most. This clip needs to be shared with a wider audience, so when it comes to spreading the love, don’t be stingy! Pass this video along to the dog lovers in your life and give them the opportunity to appreciate the unique connection that these dachshunds have with each other.

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