What These 2 Are Doing? This Would Be The Beginning Of A Long And Unique Friendship!


In North Myrtle Beach, there’s a place known as TIGERS. It offers more than 100 species, and the majority of the animals are rescues. Tawny is one of the care keepers on the grounds of TIGERS and she has a Labrador named Bella, who is six years old.

Tawny and Bella do so much together, including cooking and cuddling. Bella is often left in the house when she does the chores, but otherwise, she is at Tawny’s side. This means that Bella is always around the animals. The lab loves to spend time with all of these animals. The video is so much fun because it’s a chance to see all of these tigers, chimps, and more.

Bella loves to go for a swim, and that’s when you get to meet her special friend. When you look at a lab, you can see why they are great swimmers. They can fetch in the water, and can tolerate some of the colder water.

Her pool partner, however, weighs about 9000 pounds, quite the comparison to the 70 pounds that Bella is. Bubbles is the pool partner – an African elephant. She has been on the grounds for about 30 years and Tawny calls her an older sister because she has always had Bubbles in her life. The two of them have grown up together.


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