What They Catch Their Dog Doing On Camera Here Is Unbelievable!


This is so funny when you see this bulldog named Fred acting like he is an elephant. You will be laughing out loud when you see this video, Fred the dog is a riot. This bulldog is sitting on the couch watching TV and when you see what happens next you won’t believe it. Watch this quirky pet video to see how much this bulldog sounds like an elephant.

Fred the bulldog is such a trip as you see him imitating what he sees on his TV. Fred is a brown and white bulldog that is husky like an elephant so maybe he believes he is one. The elephant sound he produces is amazing and really does sound like an elephant. Watch this video and you will be laughing so hard.

Sitting on his couch Fred is high up thinking he is an elephant. This is such a fun video and you can watch it here. It is all caught on camera and you won’t believe how much Fred believes he is an elephant. Listen to hear this bulldog as he screeches just like an elephant. The sound that Fred the bulldog makes is very identical to the elephant on TV.

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