What The Camera Catches This German Shepherd Doing Is Just… What?!


Baron is a different dog. He doesn’t need to ask to go outside. He doesn’t need to sniff and figure out what everyone else is doing in the neighborhood. He can keep to himself and pee inside the house, over a toilet, just like his owners.

It would be hilarious to find out whether the dog was taught this, or if he learned by watching some of his owners. Either way, the video is hilarious, and I am impressed by this German Shepherd.
The comments for people watching this video are absolutely priceless. They commented that the dog managed to lift the seat, and put it down when he was done. There are plenty of comments online about how people know plenty of humans that are incapable of putting the seat down when they are done. This dog is absolutely incredible. He puts the seat and the lid down, and then remembers the flush!
This video is less than 30 seconds, and you will want to watch it over and over again in order to see just how incredible this dog is. Once you are done laughing, shared with your friends so that they can get a laugh, too.

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