What Made This Dog Unwanted to Most Is Exactly What Makes These Two’s Bond Unbreakable


Michael is a young married man who is also full of life. He is also wheelchair bound. He has no fear and he lives every day to its fullest. But to the eyes of “normal” people, he is “damaged.” He enjoys the outdoors. He goes where he wants to go. He doesn’t sit back and feel sorry for himself. He is blessed with life and youth and a spirit that cannot be defeated! When Michael and his lovely wife met Chance it was love at first site. Michael knew his struggles and he knew that little dog had as much love and dedication to give as any other little dog. They looked into each other’s eyes and they bonded! Their love was instant. Chance was fitted with a wheelchair of his own so he can experience the freedom of running and getting around. He loves running in the yard and going for long walks with Michael. He is just a dog, and part of a human team and it works. He goes everywhere Michael goes. He just knows he is part of the family. Chance runs to the door when his people come home, pulling his back legs behind him and wearing his special “clothes” to protect him. He goes with Michael on the canoe. He is just like Michael, fearless. He has faced the ugly and cold side of the world and he got past it.

Given the opportunity people like Michael and animals like Chance can conquer the world. They are living and breathing proof that it is not the physical body or its limitations that define us. We can accomplish anything we want to with a little work and creativity.

Everyone needs someone. Maybe Michael needed Chance or maybe it was the other way around. Regardless, they have found each other and they are best friends and all they each needed was a chance!

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