It Can Happen To You


Watch the following public service advisory. Could this be you? A young boy sits astride his bicycle counting cars from a walking path that is over the street. When he miscounts, he moves from the overpass and rides down the street. You can hear him making comments about a shoe on the street and a missing dog. He is clearly aware of his environment. The subtlety of the message is that he is not distracted. Change scenes to a woman running errands with her daughter and a husband on his way to work; neither thought that this would be their last day on Earth but one simple glance away, a single look away from the road and a horrible crash occurs. Both drivers were not giving 100% of their attention to their driving and suffered the tragic and deadly consequences of their choices.

The children on their bicycles and neighbors going through the activities of their day do not expect to see two cars collide on their quiet neighborhood street. Any one of those people could be the next victim of an avoidable accident.

As the vehicles connect in slow motion, the emotions of shock, surprise and horror are seen on the faces of onlookers. Reverse the scene and the accident becomes clear. The young mother’s car crosses the center line and collides with the driver of the truck. If either or both of the drivers had given their complete attention to driving their deadly vehicles then the accident could have been averted.

Using graphic real-life imagery, a car rolling, the expressions on the faces of the mother, her child and the witnesses to the tragic life-changing event, you should be able to see the fact of the matter. It can happen to you, so be alert, be aware, and be safe.

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