What Happened When They Fed These Animals Fast Food Will Make You Nauseated!


This is a really cool animation of these Safari animals and you will get such a kick out of watching this short comic strip. Check out the big fat round leopard sleeping in a tree and see how he bounces just like a big beach ball. This is such a great animation job you have to see this video. It shows you what would happen if a Safari animal gobbled down fast food. They would all just turn into big bouncing balls who couldn’t hunt prey or run from danger. In this video you will see the typical Safari animals doing what they normally do except they are big fat balls. Watching the fat leopard chasing an antelope is hilarious. See this great animation job and how the leopard does when he is chasing this antelope. Well they both are so fat that they are seen rolling along. This is what would happen if you fed these animals fast food all the time. We humans set a bad example and I hope this never happens to theses agile animals.

Watch as the silly fat croc tries to pop up out of the water and grab a zebra. He is so pathetic he can’t even go under the water. You will laugh out loud at this fun animated video. Watch this really cool video and see how funny it would be if these Safari animals really did eat too much fast food. You will love this take on these fast food animals.

Watching this video just might make your day. See these obese beach ball shaped animals as they are really too fat to really do anything but sleep. enjoy this funny video and pass it on today.

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