What Happens With This Pitbull Is BY FAR The Best 2 Minutes Of My Week. LOL, Brilliant.


Zeke wastes no time playing with his newfound buddy, as him and the deer begin to run in a straight line, side by side. The fact that there is a fence in between them only serves to stoke the curiosity of both Zeke and the deer. They finally reach one of the fence’s corner and engage in an impromptu staring contest of sorts, as each of them tries to figure out the intentions of the other.

As soon as the deer pokes its head back around the corner, the dynamic duo is back off to the races again and it is definitely hilarious to watch them sprint back and forth. While deer are considered to be very skittish and pitbulls are thought of as very malicious, there is zero trace of fear or malice present in either of these animals. For all intents and purposes, they seem to be having the time of their life. SHARE THIS!

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