What Dad Does For His Bored Dog Is AWESOME. Wait Till You See This!


Maymo, is an aging lemon drop beagle laying around depressed on his birthday. Dad knows he is too old to run and play outdoors. But his four legged companion has cabin fever. Suddenly, dad has an inspiration, he knows exactly what to do. See Maymo has a thing for balls. He loved to chew on them and chase them around. Likes playing keep away with dad and chasing the ball down full speed when dad throws it. Dad, being the loving father that he is, clears out the living room, lays a piece of carpet between the sofa and love seat. Pulls up a wooden chest and a chest if drawers to form a square pit in the floor. Maymo, watches his parent with sad sad eyes, because now he is convinced is father has lost his mind. It’s just 1 more thing to sink is depression in further. Memo, looks up wondering what his mentally ill parent is doing with that large card board box. Then he stares in aw, because he can’t believe his eyes.

Dad, flips the box on its side and hundreds of colored balls roll out. There’s red ones and green ones, yellow ones and blue ones. Maymo has never seen so many balls. Now he is excited all his sadness and depression fades away. He’s on his feet tail wagging, wading through the ocean of balls.

So many times in this world we sit back and do nothing, as someone suffers alone trapped in their own mind. If we only realized how much a simple gesture would mean. Just a pat on the back, a friendly smile, a hug, a kind word or anything to bring a smile could change someone’s entire outlook on life, any of these gestures say you’re not alone I’ve been where you are it can only get better.

Please, everyone let’s put away our petty differences and lean on each other. Let the kindness start with you, it has to start somewhere. Be the hand that helps someone up, be the arm that opens the door, tell the joke that makes someone smile, be the pat of encouragement on the back, be the tight hug where safety is found, be the ear that understands, let’s all be the light that brightens someone’s life. You never can tell it might be you that needs a do it yourself ball pit built in the living room just to remind you of the simple pleasures that bring joy to our lives.

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