We Gave Our Puppy A Birthday Present He NEVER Saw Coming! His Reaction Is PRECIOUS!!


This is a great video for several reasons. The dogs are just plain cute. There is no other word for it. How dogs react to a new dog depends on the dog. Louie seems quite willing and eager to take on a new companion. The puppy struggling to get out of the box with a look of curiosity is just adorable and anyone that has ever owned a beagle has seen this look. Obviously, Louie and Charlie are going to be fast friends and boon companions for the rest of their lives. The little video gives you a real picture of why the AKC describes beagles as merry. They are merry. The word is the perfect description of the personality of beagles as evinced by Louie and Charlie.

The dogs are just fun to watch. Watching this video could perk you right up from a dismal day at work or a harried day around the house. This video is the perfect example of why people love dogs.

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