Watching a Little Kitten Snuggle with His Stuffed Bunny Will Be the Most Soothing 1:20 of Your Day


This little kitten is so completely comforted by her stuffed animal that she has no idea that she is alone in her bed. She simply feels the presence of someone near her. The softness and “fur” may give her the illusion of being wrapped in the litter of kittens, just as the swaddling blanket may give a human infant the illusion of being in her mother’s womb. Regardless, it is cute and it is lovely and we can’t get enough of it. Somewhere in our subconscious, maybe we remember being tiny and snuggled close to our mother. Maybe we long to feel like there is nothing too big or too mean for mom to take care of. Maybe sometimes we all want to escape to that long ago crib, and that snuggly stuffed animal that soothed us to sleep where we dreamed of rainbows and candy drops. Maybe we could just hold and be held by our buddy for a few minutes and not have to be all grown up. Maybe for one day all of our problems can be stuffed into a pink pig and disappear!

I hope this little kitten baby never has to feel fear. I hope she always feels as warm and sweet as she does today. I hope she is never touched by anything that is not as soft as this pink snuggle buddy. I hope she always sleeps secure in knowing she is safe and loved. And I hope her human mom posts a lot more videos to share her with us!

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