Watch What Happens When Mom Tells Her Dog To Get Out Of The Water.


This video is another example of how easily we can find happiness. In the video all we can see is a dog acting just like a child. He was having so much fun in the water he started to love it and didn’t want to let go for anything in this world. It’s funny, cute and one of the most beautiful things we get to see while we are on this world, so we better enjoy it while we can.
In the video, the owner of the dog tells him it’s time to go, they need to go home and as such, he won’t be able to play in the water anymore. His reaction is at the same time adorable and funny, since he just acts like a child and tries to obey the owner, while still trying to play just a little bit more with the water before he leaves.

Clearly the poor dog had to face an incredible paradox for him, since you can see him change his mind a few times during the video. The owner, patient, just tells him it’s time to go and lets him say goodbye to his new friend: the water. I just hope the owner takes him back there in the future and records it as well; his reaction when he gets to the water would probably be priceless.

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