Watch This Tiny Dog’s Amazing Trick, And Her Connection To The Owner


This tiny dog and his owner sure understand each other, that is pretty clear, specially when you actually see this video and check it out with your own eyes. In the short video, that doesn’t even reach 30 seconds; you will be able to see how smart this tiny dog really is. There are a lot of owners out there, frustrated that they can’t even get their canine friends to come to them when they call them, or that can’t even make them not pee on top of their expensive Persian rug. Giving proper education to a dog is hard work, and I am just talking about the simple things, such as where to pee, to sit down, to roll over, and so on. Some people like to go a little further and actually teach their dogs to count or to bring them stuff – which honestly is way too hard for me, but a lot of people actually manage to do it. Either they have incredibly smart dogs, or I am just plain terrible at teaching my dog a few tricks. Either way, it just means that dogs, in general, have a great learning ability. This dachshund doesn’t really fall behind on that one, as one can see from the video that the dog clearly has his lesson learned. The way her owner and the dog himself are able to understand each other without even being able to speak the same language is simply astonishing to me.

How many times have you been talking to a person about this and that, without being able to get your point across? Sure, sometimes it’s about complex stuff, and some other times you just can’t get the simplest point across. I guess that, if you had a dog like this dachshund, you’d probably think that your dog would be able to understand you a lot better than that person.

The trick is pretty basic, to us humans, but still, it’s pretty impressive, taking into account the timing and complete understanding shown in the video. The owner tells the dog to get back, as far as she wants him to go, and then just says “bang.” As soon as she says the word, the dog comes sprinting towards her hand, acting as a handgun. All she needs to do to get the dog to stop running towards her is to change the position of her hand.

Without saying a word, the owner just opens her hand and shows her palm to the dog, which quickly lays down in order to get his much deserved treat. This guy got it all figured out, not only is he showing the world how amazing he is, he is also getting a treat out of it.

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