Watch This Senior Citizen Dole Out Instant Karma


Karma comes in a variety of different forms. Sometimes, karma takes a while to catch up with us and in other instances, it is nearly immediate. Take the driver of the Mercedes in this video for instance. All it takes is mere moments before the old woman in the video is bashing his car with his purse and teaching him an extremely valuable lesson in respecting your elders. The driver decides to give the old woman a reason to mess with him and she is more than happy to oblige. By impeding her from crossing the street in a timely fashion, the driver of the Mercedes is leaving himself wide open for a handbag attack. Imagine how it would feel to see a seemingly feeble elderly woman hit the front of your car with her purse.

While your first instinct is probably laughter, the driver in this clip was not able to enjoy very much of a chuckle. Before he even had a chance to snicker, his airbag decides to deploy, nearly knocking his expensive sunglasses off his face. The skateboarders off in the distance who are enjoying an afternoon at the park have more of a chance to enjoy the situation than he does.


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