Watch This Important Self-Defense Technique For When You’re Being Choked


Unfortunately we live in a depraved world full of sick individuals. I am sorry about the harsh first line, but it is simply the truth. IT just keeps happening more and more often: a person is living his life, just being himself when all of a sudden; some random creep decides to attack him in order to get his money. Or, if a woman is the victim, the creep might just want a lot more than money, and that can leave some serious scars emotionally and psychologically. A movement that has been coming up for quite some time is the self-defense movement. More and more people keep on trying to teach each other how to defend themselves in order for them to be able to survive an attack without a single scratch in their bodies. It is possible, even if the attacker has a number of advantages: it’s all about technique.

The thought of being attacked is horrible and it doesn’t really matter in what type of zone you live, it just might happen to you at any time. Unfortunately a lot of people resort to violence nowadays in order to solve their problems or vent their frustrations, and people who are civilized end up paying for that. Living with fear can be terrible, we it is crucial to know how to act when we’re being attacked. In this video, the man in it decides to tell us how to act when we are being choked frontally against a wall. Anyone that faced an attack in this position before certainly knows the panic of it, and having our air cut off from our brain will make us pass out quickly and eventually kill us if we do not have the capacity to free ourselves from the attacker.

Other self-defense enthusiasts suggest a way to get rid of this situation. These claim that breaking the hold is simple: all you need to do is grab the elbows of the attacker and pull down, his arms will follow. There are two problems here: if the attacker is stronger than you, you won’t be able to pull down, and if you manage to pull down, the attacker can just pin you against the wall again. The video has quite a good alternative: to choose an attack as the greatest line of defense. To put it simply, the counter-attack includes shoving your thumbs up the eyes of the attacker, giving him a few head-butts and then running away, al while stopping the attacker from choking you in one single move. To get a few more details on the move, watch the video: you certainly won’t regret it. On top of that, share it with your friends – it might save them one day.

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