If You Think This Elephant Is Something, Wait Till The Camera Pans To The Right!


A quick note for those who are about to worry themselves with the chain around the elephant’s neck, the owner was quick to note that the chain is very flimsy and that it is only used as a means for the elephant’s guides to lead him over. Peter the elephant occasionally needs guidance around vehicles and other potentially harmful elephants, so the chain is there to protect him. Those who are experienced in elephant training know that the chain provides zero restraint to Peter and is there to keep everyone safe.

Have you ever seen a duet, performed live? The synchronization that can be developed between two singers or one singer who is accompanied by the proper instrumentation can be glorious to behold. As you will see in this video, this chemistry can be developed in a number of ways and when you have the right partner, the chemistry has the ability to blossom instantly.

At the beginning of the clip, we can see that the piano player is having one heck of a time stroking the keys. The love that he has for what he does could not be more evident. Even the nearby elephants seem to be appreciating the grooves that he is laying down. He is jamming out and Peter the elephant is flapping his ears in time with the music. Perhaps that is just how elephants dance?

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