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Nothing screams home-coming meal like “Bacon-wrapped Tater Tots”. Tater tots are actually a side dish that is made up of deep fried grated potatoes a trademark product of Ore-Ida which is a subdivision of the Heinz company. This product was so good a lot of generic brands were fashioned after it. On its own, tatter tots, are out of this world amazing but wrap them up in bacon and you get ‘mind-blowing’. In one meal you get to enjoy the crispiness of the potatoes which is a stark contrast to the deliciously rich taste of bacon-simply superb. There are so many recipes and variants to this amazing dish but the basic items you will need are Cheese (any kind will do), your tater tots, toothpicks, baking sheets, and of course Bacon.

So first of is to make little slits in the partially defrosted tater tots, and then take finely cut cheese and place into the slits that were made on the tater tots. Be careful to make sure that the cheese is the exact same length as the tater tots. Next is to cut the bacon into strips and place them on slightly greased baking sheet or tray. After this is done, gently take the tater tots and place them on the strips of bacon, add a dash of tobacco sauce unto the top of the tater tots and roll them up in the bacon. Be sure to roll the bacon tightly as things could get a bit messy if this is not done properly. Take a single toothpick and secure the ends of the rolled up bacon, remember to make sure it is nice and tight. Finally, place the baking tray in the oven to bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit (230 degrees C) for just 15 minutes.

When the bacon-wrapped tater tots are ready, this can be told from the golden brown color they take on when they are ready to eat, a bit of greasiness would be noticed on the tray but this is nothing to worry about. Simply take them off the tray and place them on a flat plate that has been covered with a paper towel for a few minutes. The paper towel helps to soak off the excess moisture and grease.

These taste so great they could be taken to a dinner party, presented as a welcome-to-the- neighborhood dish and because they are fast and easy to prepare they could be used to impress a few friends who will marvel at your cooking skills after they taste them. A few variants of this dish substitute tobacco sauce for red hot chili pepper or jalapeno peppers, it is also possible to add a bit of ranch dressing to the recipe whatever the case, these beauties will leave you begging for more.

Source: How to make bacon-wrapped tater tots by littlethings on Rumble

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