Watch Pickle The Mini Pig Try Ice Cream For The First Time…


One of the funny things about the video is the very pink color of Pickle. From nose to tail, Pickle is very pink. The contrast with the white of the vanilla ice cream is funny.Pickle’s owner has to literally wake the mini pig up to get the pig to take a look at the ice cream cone. Pickle makes normal grunting pig sounds as he ambles over to the ice cream cone. The funny thing is that once Pickle gets a taste of ice cream Pickle is totally quiet except for very loud and boisterous slurping noises. Who knew that mini pigs liked ice cream? It may have been just a wild idea Pickle’s owner had or he may have read that mini pigs like ice cream. Whatever the source, Pickle definitely proves that at least one mini pig just cannot get enough ice cream. We have a tendency to treat our pets like children or people. Sometimes this concept can be harmful to our pets both physically and psychologically.

Feeding our pets special treats and watching their glee while enjoying a never before tasted food is part of the fun of owning a pet. Any pet owner should take the extra step of investigating the safety of a human food for a given animal. Ask the vet if you have any concerns before you treat your pet to a human food.

Pickle the mini pig just loves ice cream. Pickle cannot get enough ice cream. One might venture to say that Pickle’s owner has created an ice cream addict. This little video is a reminder of just how much fun owning a pet is. Feeding is an important ritual for animals and a little human food that fits the animal can cause a hilarious uproar that you can laugh about for years.

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