Watch How This Dog Reacts When A Baby Bird Lands On His Back… So Precious!


No matter where the animals you see in this video are from, they were able to easily win over their new doggy babysitters. There is a dwarf goat who hails from Nigeria, an array of Muscovy ducks, several newborn chicks, a baby turkey and Muntjac deer. Duchess and Pharaoh consider themselves to be the guardian of these creatures and they take their responsibilities seriously. The owners of Denmans Critters have expressed their enjoyment at watching Duchess and Pharaoh in action. They see the dogs as we do, as lovable guardians to their many creatures. The size of the animal does not matter to them, as they attend to the needs of the biggest and the smallest.

These dogs have not let their size keep them from doing what makes them happy, which should serve as an inspiration to us all. They are not only parents to this lovable group of critters, but they are also considered to be protectors, as well.

Videos like these only serve to remind us of other well-known clips where animals took on the role of a protector. One of my favorite pet adoption videos of all time involves a puppy that decided to rescue some baby chicks that she found abandoned. The puppy appointed herself as their new mother and helped to keep them safe.

That dog was named Bailey and I believe that she would have definitely gotten along great with Duchess and Pharaoh. It’s easy to imagine the three of them frolicking together, ensuring the safety of any lost animals that they come across. Videos like these remind us of the little things in life that are truly beautiful.

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